Ron ManusDo it yourself - Guitar with free downloads

for guitar/tab

Manus, Ron

Do it yourself - Guitar with free downloads

for guitar/tab

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Harnsberger, L.C., co-author
Diy - Learn to play anywhere and anytime

With DiY Guitar, there are no limitations on how, when, or where you learn.
This clear and easy-to-follow approach is your blueprint to playing right
away. DiY Guitar covers left- and right-hand technique, how to hold the
guitar, notes on every string, basic chords and rhythms, and much more! No
teacher is necessary since lessons are simple to follow with corresponding
video lessons and audio accompaniments. The included media is available to
stream or download to give you the ability to watch video lessons, hear
examples, and play along anywhere you have a computer or mobile device. No
prior musical knowledge is needed. Do it yourself---even if you have never
held a guitar! Make your dreams come true with this perfectly priced book and
media package. Runtimes: *Video: 57 minutes *Audio: 30 minutes

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