Robert BurnsThe Robert Burns Songbook vol.2:

for voice and piano

Burns, Robert

The Robert Burns Songbook vol.2:

for voice and piano

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Hovey, Esther, text ed.
Hovey, Daniel, music ed.
Handsome nell
O Tibbie I have seen the day
Song composed in August
And I'll kiss thee yet
From thee Eliza
The lass of Cessnock banks
Mary Morison
Corn rigs
Montgomerie's Peggy
Young Peggy
The Rantin dog the Daddie's o't
A long winter night
THe fornicator
Well Ye go to the Indies my Mary
My Highland Lassie
Highland Mary
Afton water
Blythe was she
My Peggy's face
Where braving angry winter's storms
Clarinda mistress of my soul
Your friendship
Sensibilty how charming
O May thy morn
Gloomy December
Behold the hour
Ae fond kiss

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