Landy LandingerThe Strad Calendar 2020

Monatskalender 30 x 44 cm

Landinger, Landy

The Strad Calendar 2020

Monatskalender 30 x 44 cm

Bestellnummer: GN093608
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Verlag: PPV Medien GmbH

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The Chimei Collection
The Calendar includes the 1707 Dushkin Stradivari, which represents the
starting point of the whole collection: it was the $1m purchase of this
violin in 1990, by the billionaire Shi Wen-Long, that kick-started the
enterprise. Thirty years later, the collection comprises some 1,370 violins,
with 260 of them out on loan at any one time.
Andrea Amati c.1566 cello ex Carlo IX
Girolamo Amati 1595 viola King Henry IV
Nicolò Amati 1656 violin
Antonio Stradivari 1667 violin Dubois
Girolamo Amati II c.1685 violin
Giuseppe Guarneri filius Andreae 1706 violin Paganini
Antonio Stradivari 1707 violin Dushkin
Antonio Stradivari 1709 violin Viotti, Marie Hall
Antonio Stradivari 1730 cello Pawle
Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù 1733 violin Lafont, Siskovsky
Carlo Bergonzi 173545 cello
Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù 1744 violin Ole Bull

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