Happy TraumThe Blues Bag:

für Gitarre/Tabulatur

Traum, Happy

The Blues Bag:

für Gitarre/Tabulatur

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Verlag: Bosworth Edition

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Eine Sammlung traditioneller Bluessongs und Instrumentals aus dem Repertoire
der großen Country-Blues-Gitarristen.
Good Mornin Blues
Step It up and go
Kansas City Blues
Boogie-Woogie Blues
Bettie and Dupree
See see Rider
New Stranger Blues
Rock me Mama
Titanic Blues
Diddy Wah Diddy
Down and out Blues
Back Water Blues
Matchbox Blues
Bad Luck Blues
In the Evening
When the Sun goes down
Blood Red River
You're gonne quit me Baby
Come back Baby
Sportin Life Blues
My little Woman's so sweet
K.C. Moan
The Blues ain't nothin
Worried Blues
Make me a Pallet
Careless Love
Gambler's Blues
St. James Infirmary
The House of the Risin Sun

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